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Spring 2015

  • Dearest Scott, Words cannot express how thankful we are to have had this great experience with you. The memories and growth our students have gained are priceless. The past 10 days will be engraived in our lives forever. I look forward to this wonderful connection that you will be able to provide for our future students and am overjoyed with the many possibilities this trip can have with you as our tour guide. We are so blessed to have gained a family member like you. God Bless & Thank you.-K
  • Scotty, Thanks for another great trip. The students learned a lot and will forever remember the great time they had. You always make this a fun and exciting experience for both students and adults. See you next year! -Chris
  • Scotty, Having been in the travel business for over thirty years, I have met many travel professionals and you areone of the greatest I have ever seen. All The Best, Matt
  • Scotty, thank you so much. You led a wonderful tour! -A
  • Thank you so much for taking us around to so many places and you made the trip very fun -William
  • Dear Scotty, Thank you for taking us on a history tour over America! We really enjoyed how you made history real and fun! It was so interesting how we got to see what we would do if we were living in colonial Williamsburg or Jamestown. It was really fun to travel to places I never would have gone to otherwhise. You made history real for us, and we appreciate it. Thanks agian! Sincerely, Isabella and Skylar.
  • Thank you for being the best tour guide and Friend. -Aaron.
  • Thank you! Your knowledge inspired me to do great things in the future! -Megan
  • Thanks so much for the information and helpful tips for life! -Alex
  • You were an amazing guide! You taught us so well. Thank You! -Kiana
  • Thanks for helping me through everything. You are very wise! -Briza
  • Thank you Scotty I had an awesome time with you. -E.
  • Best Tour guide Ever!! -Nathan
  • You are the most friendly person I know! Thank You Scotty. - Christian
  • Thanks for teaching us so much! - Emily

Spring 2014

  • Thank you for a fantastic job leading our group through our Nation's Capital. You are awesome!  Mr. Nossaman.
  • Scotty, thanks for making my trip to DC a lot better than It would have been. Ryan.
  • Thank you so much for bieng our tour guide. You are awesome and funny! Savana.
  • Scotty, Thank you for such a fun and educational trip! You made an amazing trip even more awesome for us all! S. School
  • You made it fun Scotty, Thank you from Washington state.
  • We sure appreciate your knowledge, humore and expertise. Cherilyn
  • Thanks Scotty, we enjoyed our time. D.
  • Best tour guide ever! Rachel 
  • Thanks Scoty! You were awesome! Kim.
  • Scott, It was great having you as our guide again! I appreciate all you do to make our trip fabulous! Rosalie. 
  • Thank you for your widstom knowledge and passion for educating and inspiring our kids.. and for keeping them safe... we appreciate you! N.
  • Thank you for sharing your unlimited knowledge about history! I can safely sai I learned so many things. Danielle
  • Dear Scotty, Thank you for making our trip so amazing, you are fantastic! Emily
  • Scott, It was so nice to see you again! You are the best Tour guide ever! Thanks for everything, Louise
  • Thanks Scotty, for a memory filled and educational trip. Thanks again! M.
  • Thanks for your enthusiasm and love of history. P. Family
  • Scotty, It was awesome trip to DC & NY. Thank you for guiding us through. Sally.
  • Thank you Scottty for doing such a great job and for all the exciting information. Reid
  • Thank you for all the interesting information! I had a great time, H. 
  • Scotty, Thanks for your corucopia of knowledge, Gabe.
  • Scotty, Thank you for sharing your zest & knowledge of American History. I have learned so much! Susan B.
  • Thank you for all of your helpful insights. We were lucky to have you as our guide. L.
  • Thanks Scotty for everything. It was a great tour. Lorrie
  • You are wealth of knowledge. K
  • Thank you so much for teaching us these past few days. I have learned so much about DC & New York. Thanks. Tyler.
  • Scotty, thank you soo much for being our guide person! You are really funny & you made this trip really enjoyable. Thank you. Abby.
  • Your love and passion for history is beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Kelly
  • Scotty, Thank you for making our trip to DC so memorable. we love your positive energy and enthusiasm you shared for history. You rock!. Luther Burbank Middle School
  • Scotty, from the very first sentence you uttered I knew that this was undoubtedly going to be one of the best trips ever. I was correct. Between your accent and your exorbitant vocabulary, you kept us entranced all week. You somehow managed to find time to get us to every place on our itinerary, a feat I did not believe possible. However, the most notable reason that you are one of the best tour guides in the world is your insanely large amount of knowledge about the sites that we went to. We have learned more on this trip than on all of our other trips combined. Best of all, you kept our trip interesting. Your stories were captivating, along with the little bits of information that I never thought anyone would ever have thought to learn about. Sharing your personal experiences has helped us to truly realize that, in the words of a wise tour guide, "the training wheels are coming off." You have prepared us for our future by teaching us about our past, thank you. -Saint Francis de Sales 8th graders

Fall - Winter 2013 - 2014  

  • Scott, Thank you so much of ra meaningful trip. Love & Blessings, PA
  • Thank you Scotty for all your help and enthusiasm! You are a gifted guide. Take Care. Scott S.
  • Thank you Scotty MacScott! you made this trip so amazing. Max
  • Thanks for your jokes and puns and everything you did for us. Rosaline.
  • Thank you so much Scotty! You are an awesome guide! I'll miss you! Becca
  • Thank you for an amazing trip! I really enjoyed your company as well as assistance for my debute! I hope we can meet you again in the future. Collin
  • Scotty MacScott. You are super cool and i look forward to being your facebookfriend! You were Amazing! Thanks. Grace
  • Thank ou for making this trip unique and awesome like nobody else could. Thanks. Jordan
  • Thank you for being an awesome tour guide. Taylor
  • Scotty, Thank you for guiding us on this mystical Journey. Anderson
  • Thanks so much for being our guide! I love all of your fancy puns! Sara
  • Thank you very much for being such an amazing tour guide. Eric
  • Scotty you made this trip so fun. You are always smiling. Izzy
  • Scotty MacScott from Scotland, thank you so much for being an amazing tour guide! I will miss your puns. Drew
  • Thank you so much for teaching me so much about every monument we visited. I learned so much. I love your personality and your unique character You are one cool guy. Thanks so much!
  • You are by far the best tour guide ever Scotty MacScott. BQ.
  • Thanks for helping us have a perfect trip. M

Spring 2013

  • Scotty! you are an amazing tour guide! you know sooo much! I have learnet a lot from you! I had such a fun week! Love, Nicole M.
  • Thank you for the awesome Adventure here on the Easth Coast! We'll never forgete you. Lori, L. & Grace
  • Thanks for being an amazing tour guide! Love, Chanel & Grace
  • Scotty - You are an awesome tour guide. Thanks for making this an awesome trip! Summer
  • Thank you so much for being an amazing tour guide. I have learned so much from you and for that I thank you I wish you the best. Hanna A.
  • Thanks for being a great tour guide. David F.
  • Thanks for being really nice and the best tour guide ever. Noah R.
  • Scotty, you are an awsome tour guide... Jon
  • Thanks for being an awesome tour guide! Carissa H
  • Thanks for being an amazing guide! You know so much. Kendall K.
  • Scotty, thanks for being an amazing person and great entertainer. Abbey S.
  • Dear Schotty, Thanks for being great. From Josh
  • Scotty, Thank you so much for being an amazing tour guide! I learned so much and my love for history just sky-rocketed even though I already loved it! Baylee W.
  • Scotty, Thanks for making my week a blast! You are so smart and I'm thankful that you could rub a little on to us. God bless. Jessie H.
  • Thank you so much for being our tour guide this past week! You are a blessing to have around and always knew what to tell us. Have a very blessed time in New York and enoy the rest of your week. Thanks! Lola M.
  • Scotty, Thank you so much for teaching us so much. I had a lot of fun and learned so much! Shiloh M.
  • Scotty You are the coolest tour guide ever! from Bowen.
  • Thanks for all your Knowledge!
  • Thanks for teaching us about the monuments and memorials. tyler.
  • Scott Thank you for everything. Melanie.
  • It was wonderful. Thanks, Wendy
  • Thanks that tour was super super AWESOME. Sophie.
  • Thank You! You are the best tour guide EVER. Maddie


Reviews posted on Facebook:

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  • Glad I met someone as awesome as Scott MaScott, I truly believed that he was the best tour guide ever& he is an amazing role model! He really is my idol! I'll never forget James our bus driver and Scott. This DC Trip was Fablous. glad my mom put the effort in to let me go(:

  • You are the best ever!!! One a tour with you right now with my eighth grade class! We are at Fords Theatre with you at this moment!


Customer's reviews Fall 2012

  • Thank you so much for the wealth of information you shared with us this week. We really enjoyed spending time with you and learning this week. Blessings to you and your family.
  • Thank you Scott I love you. Kristen. AZ
  • Thank you so much for this great learning experience. Best, Cris
  • Scott, Thank you so much for making this such a memorable & fantastic adventure. You are such an  inspirational person. Hope to see you in the future! With Love Kristen W.
  • Thank you so much the trip was wonderful! Love, Sydney.
  • Thanks for putting up with us! I had an awesome time!!! Love, Kendall
  • Thank you for such a memorable trip! you were great! - Lauren.
  • I had and awesome time on this trip! you were great! Thanks so much. - Anna
  • Thank you so much! I learned so much from your examples. -Blake F.
  • Scott MacScott, Thank you so much for all you've done. -Anna L.
  • Thank you so much! I had an awsome time! you were great! - Natalie. 
  • As usual you have been wonderful!
  • I had such amazing trip thanks so much! - Hannah
  • Thanks Scotty you were great!. Reed
  • Thanks so much for the great trip - Mary S.P.
  • Dear Scotty, My daughter Lauren and I were on the trip and you three years ago. You were very helful when Lauren encountered some problems with her camera's memory card, and tried to help us salvage her photos. Thank you for giving her a memory card so she could take new photos on the trip! Best regards, Kara S.
  • Scotty, really enjoyed your perspective and humor and style with the kids. Clive K.
  • Dear Scotty Mac Scott from Scotland thank you for showing us around and being awsome. Nick
  • Thank you so much for showing us around everywere. Creyghton
  • Scotty, without you the tour would never have been possible or half as good. Thanks for everything - Kaitlin
  • Dear Scotty, Thank you for being our tour guide. P.S. best tour guide ever. matthew S.
  • Thanks for another great year! See you in '13. Chris
  • I wouldn't have been the same thanks for  being such a great tour guide! And you have to boil pokeberries before eating! - Sophia
  • Thank you for a fantastic guide through history! Jeff
  • TLK you for making our experience so interesting and enjoyable. Spencer 


Customer's reviews Spring - Summer 2012

  • Thank you Scott for the information on history. You are an example of a Tour Guide. Joseph S. CA
  • Scott was the best guide ever, he was funny, and he really knew a lot about History! Joset B.
  • Scott was a respectful and knowledgeable person I loved to be his student for the past week. Thank You.
  • Dear Scotty, well on… I love ur name.!! Second of all, u are an amazing tour guide.!! J and well I guess that’s it.  Well next yr I might be coming again and will definitely request to my chaperon for u to be our tour guide!!. Abree.
  • Scott, Thank you for a phenomenal trip. You will be the reason that I schedule another trip. You truly are the world’s best tour guide! I hope our paths cross again! Thanks. T. Manson
  • Thank you for everything Scotty I’m gonna miss you. Have more fun and set lots of records J. Clarissa G.
  • Thank you Scott you truly are the best Tour Guide. Daniel L.
  • Dear Scott, Words are not enough to THANK you for being our tour guide in DC. You’re knowledgeable, respectful and so motivational. I appreciate everything you did to accommodate all of our requests. Thank you for being AWESOME! Veronica B. 
  • You are the Best, Thank you so much. Wendy


Customer's reviews 2011 - February 2012

  • I have been traveling with Scott for many years. I don't think my trips would be as efficient and fun without him. My students who had Scott on their 5th grade Williamsburg Trip look so forward to being with him again. He makes many fond memories for them and me . We are all just one big family. He is superb in every way.
  • Scott is off the charts when it comes to course leaders. He is so knowledgable not only with education, but can read the needs of students. I won't travel with anyone else. HE IS THE VERY BEST! WS sould feel fortunate to have such a wonderful educator. My kids and parents adore his style of teaching!
  • As always, Scott was an incredible asset to our trip!
  • This was my first trip with Scott. His information was good but wished there would have been a little more time at some sights and also allowing kids a little more discovery time at other places. He is pleasant and was good with the kids.
  • Thank you Scott for another fabulous trip!!! Always ready with a new idea or another interesting way to do something... always exciting and fresh!!! Scott continues to be amazing. His deliverance of knowledge is mesmerizing and intriguing to all of us especially the students. Two of our five valedictorians mentioned the positive impact Scott had made on them in their graduation speeches. Here are two excerpts from the trip journal evaluations that I just finished reading: 1. "...and my 1st favorite thing on the trip was Scotty". 2. ...Miss Jones (me) is so amazing :) for making this trip fun and she promised us the best tour guide and she did by giving us Scott". I truly do have the best in Scott MacScott. Scott and Ed team up very well, great team. Thank you Scott!!!
  • Scott did a fine job leading our group again this year.
  • The best!!! Is highly skilled, fun to be around and I hope he never leaves!!
  • Wonderful and very knowledgable. Would definately work with him again.
  • Scott was great! The kids responded very well to him and he really worked hard to make sure they had the best trip possible. Scott helped make this trip wonderful for all of us!!!
  • Scott was wonderful with the students. He gave a lot of information, worked with us to rearrange, knew his way around, answered questions, and was very patient with middle schoolers. I would recommend giving students some down time on the bus to talk instead of talking to them the whole time. Thank you Scott for a great trip.
  • Scott did a great job with the kids and taught them so much.
  • We simply LOVED Scotty MacScott! The kids are still talking about him and quoting some of his most Memorable expressions. you can tell he loves what he does..
  • Scott was great at working with our itinerary to fit in all of the items that we had listed, which was great! He always conducted himself in a very professional manner and answered any questions that we had. During our trp, I was looking for Scott to be a little more interactive with the students as far as assessing prior knowledge and making some of the places that we visited more interactive for the students. Overall, Scott was a great tour guide and was quite knowledgeable about the sites we visited, but I feel that his style of presentation is a better fit for high school aged students and adults
  • Scott was great. My students loved him.
  • Scotty was great! Very positive and the students loved him. Very knowledgable, which was a plus.
  • My students still talk about his fun way of leading the group.
  • Scott was fantastic-he was loved the kids and the chaperones. Veru knowlegdeable and made for a wonderful experience for our group!
  • The first thing that stuck out to me about Scott is that he is passionate about his job. It was clear that he is comfortable and confident in his role as the Tour Leader. At every step along the way, he was able to communicate to me any changes in the itinerary or suggestions about the itinerary in order to ensure a quality experience for our students. I also was impressed with the relationships that clearly he has built with other people in the D.C. area. My students thoroughly enjoyed having Scott as our leader. Scott shared a lot of his knowledge of the D.C. area with students to add to the experience as well. Scott has a unique way of working with teenagers, which is not always easy to do. For these reasons I would recommend Scott to anyone for a tour.
  • This is my fifth or sixth year working with Scotty. Always a wonderful person to have on your side when the scheduling gets goofy. Seems to know more than one person should. Kids love that about him.
  • Scott was great! I wish we had him throughout the trip.
  • HE IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Give him some time off so he can have indoor plumbing. That outhouse has to be burned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I cannot say enough about Scott! I cannot imagine the trip without him. He MADE the trip! He was not only extremely knowledgable, he was perfect at controlling the three school groups, and was extremely entertaining. He was so flexible and particularly helpful in managing our contacts to prearranged tours (to the Capitol). He is a treasure and I would certainly hope he is still around in two years when I go again!!!!! Can I rate him above a ten???


Customer's reviews 2008 - 2010

  • Oh my gosh... I didn't know he could get any better!!! Scott is Amazing!!! His detail to the places and people that we encounter in history and the present come to life and are so vivid and fascinating. Scott also uses life lessons in helping the students get the total experience on their trip. Every single eighth grader commented in their journal assignment how much Scott made their trip so special and life changing. This was my principals second trip and our business administrators first trip and they were both impressed with how well Scott relates to/with the students. Scotts' enthusiasm and excitement is totally contagious and compelling. I/we have been so fortunate to have Scott as our most excellent, the best, Course Leader!
  • Scott is dynamic!!!! He is very knowledgeable about history and has the special gift of working with children. He also inspires my students to have a desire to learn about history and life skills. My children come away from the trip with many wonderful memories. What a wonderful Tour Manager!!!!!! I want him for all my trips.
  • Scott was excellent. He was flexible with our students and me. He was also able to juggle many options to us and keep the group moving at all times. He did wonderful and was truly knowledgeable in many areas.
  • Scott MacScott is absolutely awesome! He is one of my favorite Tour Managers (tour guides) of all time (25 years). Scott is so knowledgeable, intelligent, fun, enthusiastic, adventurous, respectful, interesting, and a positive influence with the students. He shares the information and places we visit with the students in a way that gets them involved, thinking & considering, interested, and excited about being there. The students really enjoy learning from Scott. Seeing the students experience that "wow & ah" of learning by doing is one of the best parts of the trip for me. Scott and I can throw ideas/suggestions at each other with confidence knowing that it will be considered and benefit our trip experience. Scott is always thinking of ways to help make things run smoothly/better, full of ideas, and ready with an option if we run into an obstacle such as weather or something opening or closing at a particular time or place. Scott has the ability to read the students well and he understands what I expect for the success of our overall trip experience. Working with Scott MacScott is a joy and I am reassured with confidence that each eighth grade class trip is the best trip experience ever. Thank you Scott!
  • Scotty was awesome!!! We want him to be our Tour Manager every time. He was extremely knowledgeable and he delivered his knowledge in such a casual and fun manner that the kids were enthralled by him!
  • Best ever !!! (on any trip I have been on.) Students loved him... adults loved him... Fabulous!
  • Oh my gosh... I didn't know he could get any better!!! Scott is Amazing!!! His detail to the places and people that we encounter in history and the present come to life and are so vivid and fascinating. Scott also uses life lessons in helping the students get the total experience on their trip. Every single eighth grader commented in their journal assignment how much Scott made their trip so special and life changing. This was my principal’s second trip and our business administrator’s first trip and they were both impressed with how well Scott relates to/with the students. Scotts' enthusiasm and excitement is totally contagious and compelling. I/we have been so fortunate to have Scott as our most excellent, the best, Tour Manager!
  • Fantastic ability to remain flexible regarding itinerary and very pleasant to work with!
  • Scott went above and beyond the call of duty for our group. He is completely knowledgeable, both about the sites on the itinerary and regarding young people and how to communicate expectations to them. Our group's departing flight was cancelled, and he helped us make plans for the remainder of the day, and escorted us to our new hotel before he had to hurriedly leave to catch his own flight to his next assignment.
  • Scott was awesome. I am requesting him again. he related to my students and we all had a great time. my students and my daughter learned so much from Scott’s knowledge. he is the best.
  • Enjoyable and complete
  • Scott is fantastic! I request him every year. He gets on his soap box now and again, but his ability to reschedule and make things work in DC is beyond belief. He is the only tour guide that I trust completely.
  • Scottie was absolutely tremendous. The kids loved him. I cannot praise him enough.
  • Scott was great addition to our bus group. He was informative, and knowledgeable about all the sites we were visiting, and many that we passed on the way. He maintained the interest of the students throughout the trip. He was able to tell if sites needed switching, He managed the time very well. He also helped chaperones to keep students in our sight at all times and keep count of all students.
  • Definitely knew a lot to effectively tweak itinerary and manage it well so we could see maximum number of sites; also was receptive to suggestions
  • Scott was only with us for a brief time, but he got the day started off in a positive way.
  • Scotty is one of the 2 top guides that I have had. He was wonderful and connected to the students, worked well with the bus driver, the other school's teacher and myself. He loves what he does and shares that with all of us. His sense of humor came across to the 6, 7, and 8 grade students too! I want to have him again!
  • Scott is one of the most knowledgeable guides I've ever encountered. He made every site easy to navigate and he transitioned smoothly from site to site without losing the attention of the students. He was calm and professional at all times. I really enjoyed Scotty.
  • Scott continues to provide fun and joy to the trip!! I'm a big fan and so are the kids!! Way to go, keep up the good work!! Always sensitive to the kids and everyone involved with the trip...for their needs!! A great quality.....jokes and humor always win!!
  • Scott did an awesome job. Scott got better and better each day.
  • Scott is the best in all regards and both kids and adults love him for his knowledge, humor and personal and professional interaction.
  • Fabulous , very knowledgeable, accommodating, very good rapport with students and teachers, educates the total child, he is at the top of the list. I will ask for him for all of my trips!
  • Scott is an exceptional Tour Manager. He makes the trip fun and educational for the students. He is also patient, organized and goes over and beyond the call of duty with both students and adults. Scott is a huge asset to your company.
  • Scottie has been the main group leader for our trip for a number of years. His calm demeanor creates a trusting and comfortable trip. He worked well with me and was flexible when I felt we should do something differently. It's tough moving 170 people around and trying to stay together, but Scottie did a great job.
  • Scott is the very best! He is loved by the kids and chaperones. With this tour, particularly, he shone in his ability to tuck new experiences into extra time that we were able to stretch from our itinerary. Our students learn not only insights into the places we see, but also life lessons and themes. We will ALWAYS ask for Scottie!
  • Scott was very knowledgeable about the sites we visited and the Boston area in general. If he was asked a question he didn't know the answer to, he looked it up and gave the answer later. It was apparent that he wanted to be well informed and helpful. He was very easy to work with and flexible with the timing on the itinerary. I liked him and I am extremely pleased with his performance. I am hoping he'd be willing to work with me again.
  • Excellent. Fabulous knowledge of history and really seemed to enjoy the students.
  • I think Scott did GREAT with the younger students on the trip. My older students connected really well with him. He was SUPER informative!
  • I love Scott. I request him every year. What is more important is that the students really liked him. He can get on his soap box now and again that makes me roll my eyes, but for some reason, the kids respond... I will be requesting him again next year.
  • Great to work with and very helpful with problems.
  • Scott provided a lot of information about all of the sites.
  • Scott was very knowledgeable. He got along well with the students. The only issue I had was that sometimes too much was being crammed into too little time. He had us on a schedule where there wasn't enough time to eat, sleep, use the bathroom, or breathe.
  • Only one thing to say...AMAZING
  • I love Scott! I hope to have him EVERY time we come to the East Coast.
  • Scott does a great job of leader our entire group and directing the other Tour Managers. He has really connected with our school and we love having him lead the trip.
  • Fabulous Tour Manager! A valuable asset to any company! Because of his extensive knowledge and great rapport with both children and program leader I want him on every trip I take. There is no other Tour Manager with his abilities, and I have had many.
  • Scott was great with the students as well as the adults. He was great about changing our schedule when we needed a change. We really enjoyed our trip with him as our guide.
  • Please schedule Scott for my group next year.
  • We only had Scott half a day, but he was also very knowledgeable and amusing. Scott was excellent!!!
  • Please be informed: we are requesting Scott MacScott for next year. Everyone loved him and are trying to have him move to Georgia!! If he won't move, we are hoping that he will at least visit us sometime in the near future.
  • Scott does well...!!! He offers good solutions to issues that arise and is extremely knowledgeable about the sites. He has a strong sense of emotional understanding. Overall Scott does a fantastic job, his attitude is infectious!!!
  • Scottie, as we came to call him, was extraordinary. He was funny and captivated everyone's attention. I would love to have him again next year. He is very knowledgeable and again thank you for everything. Please tell Scottie that I hope he is closer to finishing his home by next year.
  • Scott did a fantastic job. The kids loved him. He has a wonderful attitude and really conveys positive messages to the kids. He is excellent at his job and a great person to work with.
  • Scott went above and beyond what I expected. He was constantly focused on the students and gave great presentations which were interactive and positive learning experiences. He even purchased a DVD to show on the bus so that students would not miss any part of our tour at Mt. Vernon
  • Scotty was quite a character, but he really kept the students attention. He was so positive and had such a motivating message.
  • Scott was a fabulous Tour Manager. We were very fortunate to have someone so knowledgeable who could keep the educational element in the forefront. Students really connected with him. Scott seemed to work magic with whomever or whatever he needed to ensure we never missed any part of our itinerary.
  • This is the first time I've had a Tour Manager that liked children and was able to relate them at their level.
  • Scotty was fabulous. The students, parents and teacher were constantly amazed with his energy and wonderful way with the students. Many students mention him in their graduation speeches. I am looking forward to next year and so are the current 7th graders.
  • Scotty MacScott is incredible. We all love him, from the students to the teachers. He just makes learning so much fun and enjoyable. He always has great ideas and suggestions to enhance every moment of the trip. Scotty is constantly "working" to make everything the absolute best. Any problem or glitch... he makes something wonderful happen. He makes things come alive and creates fun and enthusiasm for the students. Scotty is also very good at keeping the students focused and on task. He is great with helping keep the students behavior in check and very supportive of me. I would love to continue working with Scotty, he is fabulous. 

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 Chairman Emeritus IATM

International Association of Tour Managers

Licenses NY-827423, DC-249278, VA-28025

Scott, Thank you so much for making this such a memorable & fantastic adventure. You are such an  inspirational person. Hope to see you in the future!
With Love, Kristen W

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