The foundation of The Travels was born during Scott's days at University.The idea of philosophical Travel of maximum immersion into the culture of an area or an era in history was born out of the Academic days of University. In those days the company was called Time Travel Tours and operated only a few tours per year. He experienced and fell in love with the educational benefits of traveling. 

He changed the name of the company to The Travels and was contracted to run the tours of some of the best tour companies in the world which were only too happy to feature him in their National and International Brochures.

Scott MacScott has now personally lead over 15,000 people through discoveries of areas and within themselves.  He emphasizes history, culture and the moral background that makes America a great country. He teaches through example, what it is to live the life of your dreams while striving to enrich the lives of those around you. Today, Scott still runs the on the ground operations of a select few companies part time while growing his own offering of tours on a full time basis with his lovely wife Andrea.

The Travels Difference

The world and its many wonders take on a whole new dimension when you experienced them on one of our Tours. We believe that every element of the tour, from restaurants to rest stops, should in some way enrich you educationally and emotionally. Scott strives to immerse you in a time period, a culture or an area so that you can feel what you are learning. It is this mixture of emotion and intellect that makes our trips memorable. Scott is an explorer, an academic, an inventor, a writer, a builder, a pilot, a pioneer, a philosopher, an athlete, a global leader in the travel industry. He is uniquely experienced and qualified to take you upon your trip of a lifetime.  

Our Philosophy

We believe that everybody has the innate ability to live their dreams and can achieve anything that they set their heart can aspire. The confidence in one’s actions and beliefs is best supported by experience and wisdom. One of the best ways to achieve such confidence is through education and travel. It is through this understanding that Scott MacScott has devoted his life to traveling the world, learning as much as he can and achieving all his dreams. His greatest lifelong dream is to simply be a wise old man.

 We at The Travels believe that a life well traveled is a life well lived. Our family is joyously committed to living our beliefs of lifelong education and would be even happier if your family would join us. There is a special happiness that we enjoy when students grow before our eyes. We love to see them become smarter and wiser by such events as gaining the skills to tell the time without a watch, increasing their integrity by embracing the benefits of being truthful, or understanding why historical gives us an insight into our current and future world.  We are all one large family and we take great pleasure in educating any and all of the world’s children.

The Travels does not inspire to grow into a large company. We do not want to be all things to all people. Our clients are special and unique. They share our desire of education being a lifelong pursuit. Our clients share a heartfelt desire with us: we want that our children may have the abilities and confidence to achieve their dreams.

We strive to meet and exceed your expectations so that you will want to travel with us again and tell your friends about us. We promise to always act with integrity, respect and with a passion for helping those around us. When you travel with us, you are under our family crest and shall be treated with the love of family.

Meet Scott and Andrea MacScott

Scott and Andrea have a love story that is fit for print. But to truly get a sense of what binds them together forever, you only need be in their presence. Scott's desire to find a love that inspires other around him has come to be, and her name is Andrea.

What Our Guest Say 

The enthusiastic and heartfelt endorsements of our guests are a tremendous source of pride for our company – and an important and highly credible source of information for you. Read just a sample of what our guests have to say about traveling with Scott MacScott, click here.

World of Giving

"Giving back" is an essential tenet of our vision. Scott MacScott likes to concentrate on some of the simple joys of life. He often travels with toys that he then gives out to unfortunate children of the world. Besides this one to one relationship of giving, Scott wants to make the whole world a better place for his and your children. It is through this desire that he created the Green Guide Alliance. GGA is an online community and resource for the Travel industry. By influencing the thoughts and feelings of the worldwide traveling public to be more environmentally conscious, the customs and habits that we learn about on tour can be adopted into our lives for a cleaner tomorrow.   

Scott's Partners

Scott works closely with many of the travel industry's leading organizations, through both membership activities and cooperative projects, to promote global travel opportunities and sustainable travel practices. Read a list of some of our travel partners.

To the Top


 Chairman Emeritus IATM

International Association of Tour Managers

Licenses NY-827423, DC-249278, VA-28025

Scott, Thank you so much for making this such a memorable & fantastic adventure. You are such an  inspirational person. Hope to see you in the future!
With Love, Kristen W

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