Let us show you the best sights of this city, rich in history and interesting places. Philadelphia was the second Capital of the United States of America, and it was here where the Founding Fathers drafted, signed and adopted the Declaration of Independence. 

 Description of the Tour:

The exploration in Philadelphia starts with a walking tour of old Philadelphia. First we visit the famous Independence Hall, where courageous delegates from the thirteen colonies put their lives on the line by signing the Declaration of Independence; where George Washington was named commander-in-chief of the Continental Army; where Betsy Ross' design for the first flag was approved; and where the American Constitution was drafted - that's a whole lot of history in just one building! 

Next door we will explore Congress Hall home of the House of Representatives and Senate from 1790 to 1800 and most importantly, were the first peaceful transfer of power occurred between President George Washington and President John Adams.

We continue our adventure with a visit to the new home of America's symbol of freedom , the Liberty Bell. Next, we stroll around to visit Philadelphia’s most important sites like the Executive Mansion; Carpenters Hall which is the site of the First Continental Convention where the 13 Colonies first met to unite into one country; Elfreth's Alley; Quaker Meeting HouseBenjamin Franklin’s Post Office; Betsy Rose's house; we will continue on to Christ Church where history is not a far off idea. Since 1695 through today, the building is still being used just the way it was when Ben Franklin, George Washington, Betsy Ross and William Penn attended services there. We continue with a visit to the site of Benjamin Franklin’s house sit and learn how Benjamin’s legacy continues to influence us today.

We will learn all about the "blueprint" of American democracy at the National Constitution Center, where you'll see Freedom Rising, a multimedia production that tells the story of this extraordinary document.

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