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Scott MacScott is a professional local guide in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Washington D.C. and Williamsburg, Virginia.

Experience life in the 18th century at America’s largest outdoor history museum. Colonial Williamsburg was the center of government education and culture in Colonial Virginia for most of the 18th century.  The city exhibits dozens of authentic or re-created colonial houses and relating to American Revolutionary War.


Let us show you the best sights of this city, rich in history and interesting places. Philadelphia was the second Capital of the United States of America, and it was here where the Founding Fathers drafted, signed and adopted the Declaration of Independence. 

 Learn about the history of the United States as we visit the most iconic Memorials, monuments and buildings in the capital of the United States. 

Scott MacScott founder of The Tavels LLC and licensed NYC  professional local guide, operates the most popular walking city tour of New York City. Visit the most important landmarks of the city such as


 Chairman Emeritus IATM

International Association of Tour Managers

Licenses NY-827423, DC-249278, VA-28025

Scott, Thank you so much for making this such a memorable & fantastic adventure. You are such an  inspirational person. Hope to see you in the future!
With Love, Kristen W

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Check out all the places you will discover and learn with our hands-on history tour.

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