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We scoured the 13 Colonies to find the most authentic experience available fo you to relive the lives of our Founding Fathers. Join us as we dine in taverns, debate the Tax on tea in the Old South Meeting House, reenact the vote for independece in the 2nd Continental Congress and live like a revolutionary war soldier.

These experiences and much much more are brought to live as you relive 1776 through the Founding America Living Educational History Program of The Travels.

Join us for this exclusive experience! Re-live the important events surrounding the American Revolution while we enjoy colonial cooking, games, songs, trades, manners, soldiering, so much more.

All tours guided by world-renowned guide and colonial reenactor with 5th NY Regiment and B.A.R. Scott MacScott CTM. A perfect tour for families, group of friends or history buffs! 

Founding America Tour, The Best American History!



Founding America Tour approaches many aspects of the society in the Colonial Era, read on to find more about the places and subjects you will discover with our tour.



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International Association of Tour Managers

Licenses NY-827423, DC-249278, VA-28025

Scott, Thank you so much for making this such a memorable & fantastic adventure. You are such an  inspirational person. Hope to see you in the future!
With Love, Kristen W

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Check out all the places you will discover and learn with our hands-on history tour.

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